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10 Things I added to my Style in my 30ies

If you read my last blog post, you know that I ditched some things in my 30ies that didn‘t work for me, my body and my life. At the same time I of course added others that make me feel good, my life easier and my decisions more sustainable. Here is the short list in case you are looking for some inspiration.

1. Looser Clothes

Most female human bodies fluctuate a bit during our monthly cycles. Sometimes we are a bit swollen and sometimes we just had a bit too much ice cream. To still be able to move comfortably through life and not feel restricted I stopped buying very tight clothes. A growth mindset is not only important for people but for clothing as well. Also I don‘t want to buy new clothes when I lose or gain a little bit of weight. With looser styles it is simply not necessary.

2. Midi Skirts and Midi Dresses

I recently discovered that it feels very nice and natural to dance the night away in a midi skirt. Preferably bare-foot on the grass. But midi lengths are great with shoes as well. They cover enough of my body that I feel comfortable and can move around without any fear of exposure. And they are a great alternative to pants… for the twirling, of course.

3. Wideleg Pants

It‘s not only comfort that they give to me but also style. On my body type moderately wide legs look very good. And in my opinion they have something very elegant but relaxed about them. They can be slightly sexy if they want to, depending on the style. But they don‘t show off every little detail like skinny jeans do for example.

4. Backpacks

I used to wear big shoppers around my shoulder for many years. They are so practical, you can put all your stuff in as you go and everything you carry is very accessible when you need it. Also there are so many beautiful options on the market. But with time my back began to hurt more and more as I like to walk around a lot and a big bag on one shoulder every day takes a toll on the body. So a few years ago I bought a mid-sized backpack to try and see if it would be an alternative. And today I cannot imagine otherwise. Yes the things I carry around are not as accessible anymore. And I still have a canvas tote for hot summer days and smaller bags for special occasions. But on a day to day basis there will be only a backpack.

5. Bike Shorts

And I am talking about the thin ones without a compressing effect that you only wear underneath skirts and dresses. What a game changer when it comes to comfort! No more thigh rubbing, feeling a bit too airy or sliding of tights here.

6. Comfortable Underwear

I once read in a style book that your underwear has a very big influence on how you feel in your body in general. And I agree. Wired bras and other uncomfortable pieces of underwear are just too much to handle. I feel like I can handle life‘s obstacles better when I feel comfortable and am not bothered by my base layer constantly.

7. Non-iron Pieces

The beautiful time savers in my wardrobe. I used to iron a lot back in the days. And when I was finally sick of it, I gave away my steam iron. Now I wash all my clothing on a gentle cycle (which also saves energy) and hang dry the pieces that are able to flatten themselves with the help of gravity. Also I inspect the materials before I buy something. If they need ironing to look good, I just don‘t buy them. I still keep my little steamer for travel but otherwise I decluttered the whole ironing process for good.

8. Second Hand Clothing

If today the whole clothing production in the world would stop, there would still be enough clothes to provide for every single person on this planet. That was one convincing point for me. The low cost of high quality pieces was the next. Today I try to buy as many pre-owned pieces as possible. And of course I am not always able to find what I am looking for. But that gives me new ideas and some of my favorite items of clothing I bought only because the risk (I am talking about the price, of course!) was so low.

9. Sustainable Brands

Sustainable fashion is one beautiful puzzle piece for me to make better choices as a consumer. Usually their clothing is of better quality, so it looks nicer for a longer period of time. Also there are no toxic chemicals in the fabric that damage my skin. If I can‘t find the particular item I am looking for second hand, I check out the sustainable brands that are available to me. And honestly I like to give my hard earned money to brands like Patagonia that are fighting to save our planet if I can afford it.

10. Wools

Are my life savers as soon as it gets a bit cooler. Pure wools are hard to find in regular stores, there are just so many synthetic fibers and wool-blends on the market. Which I used to wear in the past and freeze my butt off. But I found amazing wool sweaters and scarfs second hand and there is no going back. I might still buy a woll blend with a high proportion of wool if can’t find a pure wool item. But I really try to stick to the real thing.