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How to wear your worst Colors like a Boss

In my last blog post I described how you can find the colors that make you look your best. But besides looking our best we wear clothes because we want to feel our best. So what do we do when our favourite colors are not the best for us? Leave them for throw pillows and our blogs? Nah! There are a few tricks you could use to wear them and still look great.

1. Use patterns and prints

One of my personal not so great colors – although I have a cool toned skin – is hot pink. I like it, but it completely steals the show with its radiance. So what I found is that I can wear an item of clothing in a base color that works for me with a pattern in a color that wouldn’t be good on me on it’s own. If the majority of the colors in the garment are my best colors, I am likely to still rock that pink. Try this trick and see how far you can go with the patterns.

2. Be transparent

Transparent materials are a wonderful option to wear colors that are not too far away from your best colors. Imagine a spectrum that goes from cool and bright to cool and muted to warm and muted to warm and bright. Sometimes you can wear your neighboring color tones with a few tricks. And one of the tricks that might work for you is transparency. Do you like sheer materials? Or lace? I am cool and delicate so my best colors are muted cool tones. Therefore black is not so great for me. But I still look good in sheer black or black lace. Experiment a bit and find out if that does the trick for you. (À propos transparency: The spectrum idea I found on Merriam Style. Right now I use only her color analysis as for me it is the most helpful.)

3. Choose your Shoes and Bags wisely

Our goal is to keep our naughty colors away from our face as far as possible. So shoes and bags are a great option for us. Even more as they can enhance our outfits. Let me tell you how. When you choose a complimentary color (the opposite color on the color wheel) for your accessories it actually elevates your outfit from good to wow. So when you are cool toned and wear blue a lot but also like warm beiges and browns, that’s great! Try beige or brown accessories. Yellow is blue‘s complementary color and guess which colors have a lot of yellow in them? Warm beiges and browns.

4. Play around with Jewellery

Technically jewellery in your native colors is going to look best on you. So when you have cool toned skin, silver is your best friend and with warm colored skin gold makes you shine. But as jewellery is usually one of many ingredients of your outfit you can play around with it and go a bit wilder.

5. Compensate with Makeup

If you wear the wrong colors for your type you are definetly going to look better with makeup than without. Just because it can make your face look fresher, conceal redness and dark spots that can be enhanced by your personal wrong colors. If you should want to go a step further it would be possible to change your whole complexion with the right make-up. But why would you want to change your beautiful skin that mother nature chose so carefully just for you? I don‘t do it because I want to enhance my natural features rather than change them. Also I am not very passionate about make-up anyway and walk around barefaced a lot. (By the way, isn’t it funny that we have a word for that natural state of skin only for women? We live in a strange society…) But you might have a particular reason so I wanna share that tip with you.

Bonus tip:

6. Ignore the Rules and wear what you love

In the end all these rules about style and colors are only recommendations that supposed to help but not suppress you. And you are free to wear whatever you like. So if you feel your personal best in your worst colors: go and wear them! Yes it is true that how we look has a huge impact on how other people perceive us. No doubt about that. But the person who should be most important when it comes to our decisions is the one we see in the mirror. We dress to show the world who we are and to feel like our authentic selves. So when your cool toned authentic self loves to wear yellow, for style‘s sake: embrace your yellow dress and wear it like there‘s no tomorrow!