Moving Houses like a Minimalist, leaving everything behind?

So I decided to move houses this year… again! After more than one year of living in an apartment that I really don‘t like and where one problem pops out after another (let‘s just call it a charming elderly place that has very partucular needs) I have finally had enough. As the housing market in my area is tense right now and I have some other goals that I would like to accomplish before I move, it will not happen before late summer or fall. But since the decision is made I don‘t see any reason to not start preparing myself for the process.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

I already started to declutter my wardrobe and this time I didn‘t even bother to sell the stuff. (Which I usually do to make some extra money.) Now where I live we have the wonderful opportunity to donate everything that is in good condition to an Oxfam Shop. All people who work there are volunteers and the things don‘t leave the country to destroy other markets in a colonialist manner. (I look at you donating bin!) The stuff is being sold locally in the shop and the profits go all to humanitarian causes. Right now they are collecting money for the people in Turkey and Syria who suffer from the consequences of the devastating earthquake. So I brought them my Uniqlo light down jacket, North Face hardshell jacket, Levi‘s jeans, Hugo Boss purse, aunts & uncles backpack with some other items. All in (almost) perfect condition.

And I‘m very glad I did. First of all I think we all share a kind of responsibility for each other within healthy boundaries. We don‘t have to watch the news all the time and cry but instead we can do something useful to help. Secondly, to get rid of all the things right now was very liberating. I don‘t have the selling of stuff on my mental to do list. And it also doesn‘t sit around in a sad corner waiting to be removed.

Wardrobe wise that was it for now but there might be more if I should be able to replace some things. Next I will go through my paperwork. Maybe I will also sell my couch as I would like to have a larger one. That thing weights a ton and is really not big enough. But that I would only do just before moving.

Being even more deliberate with my purchases

There are still some things I really need to buy. Some are for my wardrobe and I am not going to postpone them. If I find something that I like and need, I will buy it. But as it is not a very long list I can live with buying some additional items or just replacing others in the upcoming months. Also clothing and accessories are pretty small and easy to pack. So they will not really make the move more complicated. Larger things like some pieces of furniture that I still haven‘t got will have to wait. They would definitely make the move more complicated and I would like to avoid as much stress as possible. Moving houses is already stressful enough.

Using up what I can

This concerns mostly cleaning products and foods that I store in the freezer and pantry. I am going to be very deliberate with the refills and maybe find some alternative options. Like using one product for even more purposes. I already do that but maybe there is still some room for improvement. Recently I decided to do more food prepping to save time during my busy week. But I will keep an eye on foods that stay untouched for longer periods of time.

I know that I have at least six months before I move and that I could wait a bit longer. But my stress level will be high enough by then so I really don‘t see the point in waiting. Also it makes me feel more excited for the upcoming change as I feel like the process has already started.

So of course I will bring everything that I really need with me. But it will not be an extreme minimalist move like I had in the past. I am going to leave behind some things but only the ones that I would like to say goodbye to anyway.