Personal Style

My magic Style Formula that changed everything 

On my personal style journey I have been reading so many books and blog posts about great style. How to build it, what to invest in, who to listen to. And most of it made sense but still I felt lost for a long time. I had an image of what I would like to express with my style but I couldn‘t figure out how exactly. How could I create a look that was authentic to my personality and at the same time look harmonious on me?

It is easy to believe that there are people who just happen to have a unique personal style (celebrities, fashion bloggers, influencers) and others who don‘t (the rest of us). We see so many perfect outfits on social media and they seem as effortless as if the people were born this way. And more often than not we don‘t see all the work that these people have put in their perfect style. (I am not talking about the hottest trends here but about an individual, truly unique style.)

The truth is: Every single person with a great personal style did put a lot of effort in developing it. In my experience it is a mix of learning what looks good on you and why you look good in it. Through a lot of trial and error you can look effortlessly great. It’s a matter of time and patience. But there is a short cut if you find the right systems. And I would like to share with you the three systems that brought my personal style to a whole different level.

1. Color Analysis

As my color system I use Merriam Style‘s artistic licence. It is simple, inclusive for every coloring and complexion and it does make sense in general. The rules and test are pretty simple compared to other color analysis systems and you can use it pretty well without professional help. If you haven‘t heard about it yet, check out my blog post on how to find the best colors for your wardrobe.

Now I didn‘t throw every piece of clothing out that is not in my best color after learning about that system. It was more about understanding and making better choices in the future. For example I don‘t buy black clothing anymore because black is just too intense for my cool and delicate complexion. And I understand why beige is not a good option for my clothing although I love that color.

Also I am able to play around with colors that technically don‘t look good on me. So for shoes and accessories I use all the beautiful browns, beiges and blacks (of course!) that I avoid to wear as clothing. Understand the rules to break them!

2. Harmonious Silhouettes aka. Body Typology

It was not easy to find a body typing system that really works. For many years I only saw systems comparing women‘s bodies to fruits, letters and even music instruments. How weird is that?? And then I found the Kibbe ID system. What I find most logical is that the Kibbe system analyzes the bone structure and the flesh on top of the bones. These features determine how fabric drapes around our bodies and therefore which styles and cuts are best for us. The Kibbe system has five families (dramatic, natural, classic, gamine and romantic) and within them 13 sub-types. Technically it is more than a body typing system as it also analyzes your style essence but I only use it in that way.

I have to admit that it‘s rather complex and it can take up months to understand your own body type. But in my opinion it‘s completely worth it. The test might be confusing at first and if so, I would advise you to learn about the types in general. Then you might be able to better understand the terminology and overall logic of the system. Again: Might take a while at first but is totally worth it!!

When I found out that I am a soft natural, so many things finally made sense. For example that I need a waist emphasis combined with a flowing fit. Lovely! And comfy! Other systems typed me as an hourglass or X shape and tried to put me into pencil skirts. Baaaaad idea!! I really don’t look good in them and feel not only slightly uncomfortable.

If you would like to learn more about it, visit Gabrielle Arruda‘s blog and YouTube channel. I wasn‘t able to find anyone who explains the body types better for every level of expertise.

3. Style Essence – The secret and probably most potent Ingredient

The John Kitschener style essences are my most recent addition to the magic style formula and for me they were a complete game changer! Gabrielle Arruda played the style fairy here and introduced me to Kitschener in her video about the seven style essences. This system analyzes mostly your facial features and the overall vibes that your face gives off… and takes your body into consideration. Why it‘s most potent in my opinion? Because even if you wear only your best colors and dress according to your body type, there is a big amount of style variation that you can choose from. And even though your own preferences are most important, you will only look just right in your outfits if you harmonize your preferences with your style essence.

If you are already familiar with Kibbe, the Kitschener style essences will probably not be too complicated to understand. Both use a very similar set of types, except that Kitschener has two additional types (Ethereal and Ingenue) compared to Kibbe. They are both based on Harriete McJimsey’s yin yang principles for clothing.

I didn’t have to replace an old system here. Instead it was just pure magic, an eye opener and the most helpful guideline to style I ever got. The interesting thing about style essences is that they influence the colors and shapes that we look good in. I have an ethereal-romantic essence. So although I should be able to wear lilac and soft pink according to my color analysis, I don’t look good in them. They are too girly for me, too Ingenue. A muted light blue and off-white on the other hand are two of my most fabulous colors.

The same goes for pattern. Even though I should be able to wear some pattern according to my body type, I don’t like most of them on me. But mature bird patterns (ethereal) and florals (romantic) do work well and I also love them. And although I really like a nice leopard print, I gave it up and enjoy looking at it on someone else instead.

A Word of Caution

Although you might have figured out all the recommendations for you and you know exactly what styles to go for, be cautious with boxing yourself in. Even when you follow all the advice, you still have a lot of freedom and room for your own creative expression. And if you absolutely love something and it is not recommended for you, you really don’t have to give it up. These systems are made to guide you and assists you to look your best. Not to restrict and control your authenticity. You can still find a way to make it work or just rebell. You decide.