My Minimalist Style Review of 2022 and Updates for 2023

I don‘t really make new year’s resolutions but I do focus on one theme in a year that I feel I would like to cultivate more of in my life. Last year it was stability. 2022 has been intense for me with a lot of changes in my life in general (that have lead to more stability long term) and also in my wardrobe. I got a new job that suits me well and I met some pretty incredible people in my new home base that are an important part of my life now. Style wise I came to understand the magic style formula and had more room to experiment with different styles and colors.

This year I would like to focus on balance, especially between duty and play, practicality and fun. When I reviewed the lessons that I have learned the previous year, I came to the following conclusions.

What I keep

1. Prioritize high Quality and balance with affordable Price

High quality pieces have always been my thing! Even when I had no money at all I would rather buy one higher quality piece on sale than a bunch of disposable stuff that wouldn‘t look good anymore after a few washes. That strategy works well for me so I will keep going with it. Buying most items second hand or on sale balances my expensive taste with my budget. Sometimes I do splurge on something that I really love and can imagine to wear for the next few years but most of my purchases are pretty affordable. That way I can also experiment a bit more and it doesn‘t hurt when a style or color doesn‘t work for me and I have to say goodbuy to it.

2. Focus on and learn more about my Style Essence

The major change in my style came with me learning about my style essence which is ethereal. Unfortunately I am not able to wear only flowy gowns as I don‘t live in Middle Earth. So now I am learning more about how to incorporate that into my day to day looks. I am trying to create that vibe with my color palette, flowy fabrics and some vintage looking cuts that I balance with jeans for more practicality.

What I change

1. Color Palette

I finally accepted that I am just not a colorful person. At least not in a style kind of sense. In my extreme minimalist years I was barely wearing any colors (I will write a blog post about that at some point) but as I transitioned to a more midimalist life style I incorporated some color and tried out a few prints. And what can I say… most of it I just don‘t like on myself. I don‘t feel very calm (which I am as a person) when I am wearing very colorful clothing. Now I still have a few experimental pieces like my pair of bright green summer pants, for example. But my seperates will be mostly my favorite solid neutrals.

Also I learned more about which tones I like on myself. Charcoal and a light blue that leans just a tiny bit towards green are my favorite colors. Burgundy had to leave and black got back in but mostly as a washed version. Also I discovered mauve and I just love the color! Unfortunately it is not easy to find but I will keep my eyes open. For color cravings and experimentation I still use my loungewear and sports wear. In these sections I can go more wild and wear styles and colors that I like but don‘t want to incorporate into my regular wardrobe.

2. Make it more Fun

I have to admit that in the last few years I focused mostly on the practicality and versatility. And they are still very valuable to me. I don‘t like to have 10 different jackets for all the outfits that I am wearing. But in the process I lost too much fun of creating them. Things got a bit too practical and at some point I noticed that my most worn outfit was a pair of jeans with a black t-shirt. Nice from time to time but not really fun. I still like the look but I really feel bored if that is my most worn option. So I started to look for more interesting cuts and just more fun details in general.

What I toss

1. Extreme Minimalism

For a while I was navigating my minimalist journey to the more extreme end of the spectrum. And for that time it totally made sense. I moved around quite a bit and got rid of stuff that I held on to only out of habit. So questioning everything helped me to separate the needs from the wants from the where did that come froms. And it helped me so much to understand my own values better. But of course nothing stays the same in life and so the extreme minimalism is no longer useful to me right now. But it‘s a process and so I am transitioning in a paste that still feels good to me.

2. Feeling of Guilt for imperfect Sustainability

I love my sustainable products, they are a good option for myself and the environment… at least most of them. But last year I reached some limits with the rules that I had made for myself. After almost five years of eco friendly nail polish I gave up and bought myself a regular one that lasts a reasonable amount of time. And I just bought a pair of new jeans from a very unsustainable brand that I was avoiding forever. The fit of that particular model hugs my curves in a very nice way and I was not able to find it second hand in the color that I wanted. (Or something similar from a sustainable brand.)

I have to say that I struggled a lot with that decision as I believe in voting with your money. But in the end I came to the conclusion that there is no gain in feeling guilty. That I do what I can to live a sustainable life with my personal limitations. So now I will just wear the shit out these jeans and hope they will last me a reasonable amount of time.